Der Innere Beobachter 1992

Der Innere Beobachter

1992, 2001

Video sculpture: steel frame (Linz only), steel orbs, cameras, CRTs, transmitter, fluorescent paint

Endo und Nano: Die Welt von Innen, Ars Electronica, Linz, 1992

Der Innere Beobachter, Museum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg, 2001

Light in its elementary appearance is the starting point of this work. What appears today as a simple digital text animation is actually a complex analogue process within the orbs. Within the orbs infrared cameras are installed that film fluorescent paint on their inside. Bielicky has written "light" in the gloomy spheres and projects the technical interpretation on the outside. This complicated construction offers not only a scope for interpretations ranging from the technical eyeball to Plato’s cave allegory, but also a preview of upcoming works. From this point on, Bielicky no longer uses technology as a medium for magical and symbolic connections to meaning, but rather addresses the interpretive power of technology in our society as such.

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