Die Fettecke (with Ricardo Peredo) 1987

V-Tape - The Source for video & new media 

Stiftung imai - inter media art institute


Single channel-video (Umatic), 40:00 minutes

17. Internationales Forum des jungen Films


In homage to Joseph Beuys, this forty-minute video sculpture adresses the scandalous process of removal of the sculpture "Die Fettecke", which was located in Beuys' former work room, from this same work room. In order to be able to follow the recording, the video monitor must be set up in portrait format, i.e. tilted. Viewers are forced to take a different perspective and to neglect the inertia that the medium of television usually forces on them. The absurdity of the unfolding art scandal is enhanced through the creative exploitation of the first digital video techniques Time Base Correction and Drop-Out Compensation.