Exhibition (On The Web) (Paris, 2002)

Exhibition (On The Net)


Installation: table, chair, meat grinder, webcam, projector, cable

Lanterna magika. Nouvelles technologies dans l’art tchèque du XXe siècle.

Espace EDF Electra, Paris

Two years prior to the founding of Facebook, Bielicky installs a photocell-interface, which is operated thorugh a meat grinder, in an exhibition space of the Espace Electra, Paris. Digitally mounted in a golden picture frame o na screen, the resulting selfies are stored and summarized randomly in a selection in a digital grid and displayed to the photographer. This creates over 5000 variants of the same setting. In further development of the work “The Inner Observer”, the technical image is supplemented by human agents. From now on, the interactive character of “Exhibition (On The Net)” will permeate all of Bielicke's works.

Michael Bielicky - Exhibition (On The Web) - 2002