Garden of Error and Decay (Moskau, 2011)

Garden of Error and Decay


Data-driven, interactive installation: projector, software (Flash), joystick

Biennale, Moskau

The self-perpetuating history of today's world catastrophes: Next to Bielicky and Richter as authors of the software / installation, Twitter users and information about the current stock market prices influence the narrative. Every time a catastrophic topic is discussed on Twitter, it appears converted as an animated icon. Users can use a virtual firearm to eliminate or multiply the disaster scenarios. Nevertheless, it is not in the power of the user to decide what really happens. As in real life, everything is driven by the dynamics of stock market prices. "Garden of Error and Decay" works as an allegory of the impotence of citizens to respond to higher-level facts, because most of them have such a high degree of abstraction that they can no longer be understood or changed - yet they determine everyone's individual life.

GARDEN OF ERROR AND DECAY - Biennale Moscow 2011