Paik Hat 1986

Paik Hut


Single-channel (Umatic), 14:40 minutes

Videosculptures Exhibition

Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris

"Paik Hut" is the documentation of a performance by Nam June Paik, Ricardo Peredo and Michael Bielicky while burning the Beuys-typical hats on the grounds of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Paik and Bielicky were known to suddenly chant the phrase "The silence of Joseph Beuys is overrated". This critical discursive practice was the starting point for the performance Paik Hut, which the video documents. The cut of the documentary is dipped by Bielicky in an unnatural, bright yellow, in order to increase the absurdity of the performance even more.


Michael Bielicky - Paik Hat - 1986