Perpetuum Mobile Exhibition – Section 08: Garden of Error and Decay

Michael Bielicky - Perpetuum Mobile - 08 - Garden of Error and Decay - 2020

[0:11] This is The Garden of Error and Decay a pretty complex project made by Kamila B. Richter and me, as well as many other projects displayed here, we made those together. This is an interactive piece, a Data-Driven Narratives piece, meaning you have real-time data coming from the internet or Twitter: we can shoot and we see that the animated Pictogram Putin flying with a pig doubles – this means the stock exchange data is in this moment going up, if it was going down Putin would disappear. The user who interacts with this piece has no influence, no power when it comes down to what happens in this work, it is random in a way that the stock exchange is the true power and force which decides what happens in this story, including the tweets: a controlled out-of-control installation.