Perpetuum Mobile Exhibition - Section 01: Data Labyrinth

Michael Bielicky - Perpetuum Mobile - 01- Data Labyrinth - 2020

[0:36] This is the show, the last day, the best show in the universe, not only on earth: titled Perpetuum Mobile, which is a title known from attempts from many centuries to build an eternal machine which runs forever. In my case Perpetuum Mobile has a more metaphysical, less physical meaning. Of course it has to do with eternity in another sense than in the sense of an eternal physical machine.

[1:30] Here is the starting point, Atomic Brain, a picture of myself, made by wonderful photographer and friend Frederic Cantor in 1982.

[2:10] This is a labyrinth made by Kamila, my wife and artistic partner and we can enter this wonderful labyrinth of data and get lost. Hopefully we find our way out. It is a real-time data-driven installation you can get lost in. It is a physical immersive space, where You can be surrounded by those endless words about labyrinths. So in a labyrinth, about labyrinths, let us get out of here.