Perpetuum Mobile innerhalb der Videoskulptur Fish Flies on Sky 1987

Perpetuum Mobile within the video sculpture Fish Flies on Sky


Medial infrastructure Fish Flies on Sky (Paik) & Perpetuum Mobile I: Composite of tube televisions in the Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf VS Single channel video, 4:04 minutes

Fish Flies on Sky (permanent exhibition)

Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

In 1982, the video installation "Fish Flies on Sky" by Nam June Paik premiered at the Museum Kunstpalast Dusseldorf. The screen ceiling, which consists of a hanging television grid, is not simply digitally connected in parallel, as it is customary today: Through a highly complex analog cabling, the images seem seemingly chaotic, but sensitively orchestrated at second glance, through a carefully laid out cabling from screen to screen.

"Perpetuum Mobile I" (1986) by Michael Bielicky is a video work exploiting the first digital video techniques Time Base Correction and Drop-Out Compensation for the creative alteration of image material. In 1987 Paik made it possible for the young student Bielicky to show one of his first digital video works - "Perpetuum Mobile I" – through Fish Flies on Sky.

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