This Year in Jerusalem (Prag, 2006)

This Year in Jerusalem 


projection, MS Kinect, software

This Year in Jerusalem

Jüdisches Museum Prag, Robert Guttmann Gallery, Prag

In this work, Bielicky again deals with more classical topics of his oeuvre and connects to previous works. While in 1988 “Next Year in Jerusalem” focused on spirituality and religiosity with the first digital means of video editing or in 1995 “Exodus” dealt with these topics within the first GPS-based work ever – in 2006 “This Year in Jerusalem” circles those topics with the first consumer version of the motion-tracking technique Kinect. Bielicke's digital wailing wall fulfills - technically - all functions of the pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall. It is even possible to transmit messages, which are then transmitted locally to the appropriate carriers and placed in the wall. But it subtracts any mythicity by the technique used. Or: replaces mythicity with technology beliefs.


THIS YEAR IN JERUSALEM - Prague - Robert Guttmann Gallery 2006