Perpetuum Mobile Exhibition – Section 07: Video Sculptures

Michael Bielicky - Perpetuum Mobile - 07 - Video Sculptures - 2020

[0:12] That is the Menorah, the first piece ever that was bought by the founder Heinrich Klotz for ZKM, with seven analogue antennas, the signal comes from somewhere, which is an important aspect: where comes the light from, where comes the energy from, where comes the information from – where comes life from! And here is the other piece, in some way very similar to the Menorah, it is called The Name. At least the materials, the antennas and the transmitter are similar. This is an archaic, archetypical form of a carrier of information in all aspects: starting with genetic code, starting with sound waves, going through storage of information on hard discs, going through the motion of our solar system, going through religious storage formats like the Jewish Torah. It seems that the spiral is a type of archetypal storage form. And it is fascinating that it is going through all different cultural fields. So we go here, we just pass on different projects and we will go to the total end or beginning, as you like.

[2:18] So this is a piece called Perpetuum Mobile, exactly like the whole name of the show, it is the oldest and the latest piece, consisting of sixteen tablets, showing the same theme in different time, so it is shifted. Its base is a fence, a construction site fence and here you can see all the wonderful wiring and here you can see one of my first tapes called Perpetuum Mobile. This piece became an installation, which should not be hanged but just leaned on the wall to enjoy it. It has no beginning and no end; it is a pattern representation of certain principles of existence.