Perpetuum Mobile Exhibition – Section 11: Flusser's Fluss

Michael Bielicky - Perpetuum Mobile - 11 - Flusser's Fluss - 2020

[0:11] Here we have the last project, which just finished, so we can see here across Weibel’s show, we can see my whole show with the waves and with the Jerusalem projects and the Paik section. Here you see the wonderful sitting installation by Andreas Arndt. This is a documentation of a wonderful friend, Vilém Flusser, called Flussers Fluss, who was a visionary of future worlds, using technology but also an universal soul, having a big knowledge of past, present and future in all aspects, philosophical, scientific and historical. And he is just here explaining about prehistorical beings in this part of South France where I visited him in 1991 to shoot this movie or this documentation for German television called WDR or Westdeutsche Rundfunk. This is going for 40 minutes.

And this is it.