Sefirot Tree 1990

Sefirot Tree


Video sculpture: steel frame, CRTs, transmitter

400x160x160 cm

Annual exhibition

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf

"Sefirot Tree" is the last work within a series of video sculptures Bielicky develops from a consistent merging and advancement of principles used in previous works. The artist once again deals with knowledge and the production of knowledge through the combination of the wireless transmission of information and the free arrangement of media within a rigid structure, to which the symbolism of the Kabbalistic tree of life refers. The sculpture seems to expand into space: the "Sefirot Tree" receives the signal of the flame from a transmitter, but the radial arrangement of the rods also makes it a transmitter that shoots the information it contains into space: Planets and galaxies enter into communication - hence the premiere on a roof.