Staffelei 1987



Video-sculpture/Ready-Made: easel, pallets, small CRTs, transmitter

Videosculptures Exhibition

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

In this work, which is a tribute to the visual arts, as in his work "Toilet", all components of the later video sculptures which Bielicky will create are united. With this work, Bielicky already dissociates more from the influence of Nam June Paik - it is less ironic and sarcastic - and follows a more conceptual appoach with the arrangement of the small-screen CRTs as well as the transmitter-receiver structure. In the dynamic between pure palette and colored palette, backlit by two televisions, Bielicky hints at the simultaneity of the artistic genres of these days and at the same time challenges their intensities backlighting the pallets with new media formats.